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Radiation Protection Bureau

The Radiation Protection Bureau's mandate is to promote and protect the health of Canadians by assessing and managing the risks posed by radiation exposure in living, working and recreational environments.

Specifically, the Bureau is responsible for:

  • Supporting Canada's role in the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty by operating the Canadian portion of the International Monitoring System for radionuclides and providing one of 16 national radionuclide laboratories specified under the Treaty
  • Conducting assessments under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act
  • Leading the coordination of federal nuclear emergency preparedness and providing Health Canada's technical support to the Federal Nuclear Emergency Plan (FNEP)
  • Developing guidance to protect Canadians from the effects of nuclear accidents, radioactivity in water and food, radon in indoor air, and naturally occurring radioactive materials from non-nuclear industries
  • Operating the Canadian Radioactivity Monitoring Network and laboratory to provide health assessments regarding existing levels of radioactivity and effects of nuclear/radiological accidents from a national perspective
  • Conducting research on the health effects of radionuclides in the environment, especially sensitive Arctic environments and food chains, and on global air and radionuclide movements
  • Providing intercomparison programs for internal radiation exposure measurements, internal dosimetry services and research on internal dosimetry and measurements through the National Calibration Reference Centre for Bioassay and In-Vivo Monitoring
  • Managing the National Dose Registry, that contains the occupational radiation dose records of all monitored radiation workers in Canada. and conducts research on exposure trends and on the health outcomes of occupational exposures
  • Conducting research on exposure trends for radiation workers and on the health outcomes of occupational exposures to radiation
  • Providing advice to federal departments and agencies, other levels of government, industry, universities, hospitals, workers and the public on health issues related to radiation exposure