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Backgrounder: Safety of Second-Hand Products

News Release - Minister Aglukkaq Highlights Importance of Consumer Product Safety and Product Recalls

June 2010

Health Canada regulates child care equipment such as cribs, playpens and strollers. Recent enhancements in Canadian safety requirements may mean older products are less safe or non-compliant. Parents should be mindful of some of the safety facts associated with old and second-hand cribs, car seats and other baby products including the following:

  • Cribs made before 1986 may not meet current safety standards;
  • Car seats can sustain damage in a crash that may not be visible to the naked eye, but could prevent the seat from functioning properly;
  • Car seats have expiration dates, as the materials can deteriorate over time, potentially making the car seat less effective in a crash. Parents can check with the car seat manufacturer to determine the recommended period of use for a particular car seat;
  • Certain baby products are not considered safe to use if they were made prior to a particular manufacture date. For example, carriages and strollers made before 1985 may not meet current safety standards and should not be used;
  • Some children's products, such as baby walkers, are prohibited in Canada and are not safe for use under any circumstances;
  • Products made of or containing certain materials, such as wood and plastic, can deteriorate from use and from exposure to weather conditions like heat, potentially compromising safety integrity; and
  • Parts or instruction books for proper assembly, installation or use may be missing.

To learn more about which products are banned or which have special safety requirements in Canada, please read Health Canada's fact sheet on Second-Hand Products & Garage Sale Safety.

In addition, parents and caregivers should ensure that their products have not been subject to a recall or an advisory. For more information on consumer product recalls, please visit the Health Canada website at:

For more information on car seats, please visit Next link will take you to another Web site Transport Canada's car seat information page.

For more information on the safe use of cribs and to determine if your crib meets current safety requirements, please read Health Canada's Crib Safety Booklet.

For more information on the safe use of strollers, please read Health Canada's Is Your Child Safe? Stroller section.