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Description - Spending Trend

The figure illustrates Health Canada’s actual spending trend from fiscal year 2009-2010 to fiscal year 2012-2013 where spending, in millions of dollars, is shown on the vertical axis and time period, in fiscal years, is shown on the horizontal axis.

Health Canada's actual spending for fiscal year 2009-2010: 3,748.9 million dollars; 2010-2011: 3,752.6 million dollars; 2011-2012: 3,786.3 million dollars; 2012-2013: 3,821.2 million dollars

Health Canada's total authorities for fiscal year 2009-2010: 3,813.3 million dollars; 2010-11: 3,859.6 million dollars; 2011-12: 3,927.4 million dollars; 2012-13: 3,983.2 million dollars