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List of Canadian Establishments that Process and/or Import Semen for Assisted Conception

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(January 4, 2016)

Note: The following is a list of Canadian processors and importers of semen that have notified Health Canada of their activities. Health Canada does not endorse any of the listed semen establishments.

In accordance with the Processing and Distribution of Semen for Assisted Conception Regulations, processors and importers of donor semen shall give a written notice to Health Canada:

  • At least 10 days prior to commencing the processing and/or importation of donor semen.
  • Within 90 days of ceasing these activities.

Distributors (including physicians) of donor semen are not required to provide Health Canada with notices of their intent to distribute donor semen. Therefore, distributors are not included in the list below.

For more information:

  • Contact the establishment directly for activities being conducted by a specific establishment.
  • Consult your family physician or the Canadian Fertility Andrology Society for physicians or clinics performing assisted conception procedures in your region.
  • Consult the Inspection Strategy for Semen Establishments (POL-0023) for Health Canada's inspection program for semen establishments.

Table of Contents:

Quebec Region
Establishment Name & Address Activities
Clinique de procréation assistée du Centre hospitalier universitaire de Montréal (CHUM)
Clinique de procréation assistée du CHUM
Place Dupuis
888, boul. de Maisonneuve Est, 2ième étage

Montreal, Quebec  H2L 4S8
Tel.: 514-890-8309
Fax: 514-412-7468
Laboratoire d'andrologie du CHUQ
Section CRYOP

Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec
Pavillon CHUL
2705, boul. Laurier, porte G00247

Sainte-Foy, Quebec G1V 4G2
Tel.: 418-654-2220
Fax: 418-654-2221
McGill University Health Centre (MUHC)
Reproductive Centre
Women's Pavilion F-658

Hôpital Royal-Victoria
687, avenue des Pins
Montreal, Quebec H3A 1A1
Tel.: 514-843-1650, poste 36850
Fax: 514-843-1496
Ovo Clinique de Fertilité
8000, boul. Décarie, suite 100
Montreal, Quebec H4P 2S4
Tel.: 514-798-2000
Fax: 514-798-2001
Procrea Centre de cryoconservation
1361 avenue Beaumont, Suite 301
Mont-Royal, Quebec H3P 2W3
Tel.: 514-345-8535
Fax: 514-345-8978
Ontario Region
Establishment Name & Address Activities
CReATe Fertility Centre
790 Bay St., Ste 1100,
Toronto, Ontario  M5G 1N8
Tel.: 416-323-7727
Fax: 416-323-7334
ReproMed Ltd.
56 Aberfoyle Crescent, Suite 300
Toronto, Ontario  M8X 2W4
Tel.: 416-233-8111
Fax: 416-233-9180
Toll Free: 1-877-317-6079
Can-Am Cryoservices Corp.
1057 Main Street West, Suite 102
Hamilton, Ontario L8S 1B7
Tel.: 905-524-3342
Fax: 905-524-3936
Toll Free: 1-888-245-3471
Outreach Health Services
16945 Leslie St., Unit 8
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 9A2
Tel.: 905-954-4066
Fax: 905-954-4065
Toll Free: 1-866-785-4709