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Medical Device Establishment Licence

The Calculation Chart is used to calculate the total fee for a medical device establishment licence. Applicants will complete the mandatory fields (identified by *) and press on the calculate button to determine the correct fee. Applicants who are applying for an annual review application will need to enter company name, medical device establishment licence number, company code, and the gross revenue for the last completed calendar year. New applicants who do not have a Medical Device Establishment Licence number and company code will only need to enter only their company name and gross revenue.

Note: If your establishment qualifies for fee remission, a Certified Statement of Revenue must be submitted with the application in order for your fee remission request to be granted. The Calculation Chart is not considered a certified statement of revenue.

Calculation Chart
If you selected yes for Fee Remission Request, please remember to include a Certified Statement of Revenue with your application.


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1% of gross revenue

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