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Register of Certificates of Supplementary Protection and Applications

The Register of Certificates of Supplementary Protection (CSP) and Applications is maintained pursuant to the Certificate of Supplementary Protection Regulations and the Patent Act. The register includes information from CSPs and CSP applications. Under the subsection 115(1) of the Patent Act, the issuance of a CSP grants the certificate’s holder and their legal representatives the same legal rights, privileges and liberties that are granted by the patent set out in the certificate, but only with respect to the making, constructing, using and selling of any drug that contains the medicinal ingredient, or combination of medicinal ingredients.

The format of the register is an electronic table. The register lists, in alphabetical order, the medicinal ingredient(s) in the CSPs and CSP applications.

Information regarding applications that are refused, declared invalid or void, expired or withdrawn will be removed from the register.

Information regarding the patent set out in the CSP or CSP application is available at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

For comments or questions, or to obtain a copy of a CSP or CSP application details, please contact the Office of Patented Medicines and Liaison by email at or by telephone at 613-941-7281.