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Interim Notification Pilot Program

Health Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the Interim Notification Pilot Program (referred to as the "Program") for Low-Risk Veterinary Health Products (LRVHPs), such as certain botanicals, vitamins, minerals and homeopathics for use in cats, dogs, and horses that are not intended for food.

This voluntary program will be administered by an independent third party, North American Compendiums (NAC). The Program allows a "notifier" to obtain a notification number from NAC if conditions established by Health Canada are met.

Health Canada would not normally seek to prevent the importation, manufacture or sale of products duly notified through the program unless a health risk is identified.

Health Canada is committed to modernising the regulatory system for veterinary drugs by maintaining appropriate regulatory oversight and considering factors such as the available evidence, nature and intended use of the product. This Program is a pilot project that is a temporary measure intended to assess the effectiveness of a streamlined approach to oversee LRVHPs with a view to informing the development of a new veterinary drugs regulatory framework.

The Program is consistent with recommendations made to Health Canada by the Expert Advisory Committee on Veterinary Natural Health Products. Health Canada conducted an online consultation in the Spring of 2011 where stakeholders expressed their support of the Program.

Interim Notification Pilot Program Questions and Answers

For information on the application process please contact:

North American Compendiums
P.O. Box 39
Hensall, Ontario N0M 1X0
Toll-Free Number: 1-888-328-6228
Telephone Number: 1-519-489-6014
Fax Number: 519-263-2936