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Assessing the Health Effects of Climate Change

How will a Changing Climate Affect the Health of People Living in Canada?

Source: Dan Kulak - Pine Lake Tornado, Alberta 2000

Events have illustrated that both developed and under-developed countries can be overwhelmed by climate-related events, and that people living in Canada could be vulnerable. In response, the Government of Canada is assessing the health impacts of a changing climate.

Natural Resources Canada led a national assessment of climate change vulnerabilities entitled Next link will take you to another Web site From Impacts to Adaptation: Canada in a Changing Climate 2007 which discusses current and future risks and opportunities that climate change presents to Canada from a regional perspective.

Health Canada has studied the current and anticipated effects to health of a changing climate and Canada's ability to adapt. An in-depth assessment of this integrated information is reported on in the following publication.

Human Health in a Changing Climate: A Canadian Assessment of Vulnerabilities and Adaptive Capacity

Building on the research and findings of the Natural Resources Canada evaluation, Health Canada's assessment reports on the scope and magnitude of the current and potential health impacts of climate change in Canada related to air quality, infectious disease and natural hazards. It also examines Canada's capacity to respond.

If you would like to order a hardcopy version and/or a CD of the assessment report, please contact Health Canada's Publications.

Recognizing that extreme heat events present a public health issue in Canada, Health Canada has launched a three-year heat initiative entitled Developing Heat Resilient Communities and Individuals in Canada. This project will pilot heat alert and response systems, publish a guidebook, and create health care worker guidelines for heat events.