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Radon Videos

  • Radon Testing - The Only Way to Know!
    A Canadian homeowners experience testing for radon and discovering high levels and Health Canada's guidance on health effects and testing.
  • Reducing Radon in Your Home
    A Canadian homeowners experience reducing high radon levels in their home and Health Canada's guidance on radon testing and methods of radon reduction.
  • Simple Steps for Reducing Your Exposure to Radon
    This video provides an overview of what radon is and what can be done to reduce your risks from exposure.
  • Presence of Radon Gas in Your Home
    This video provides a factual representation of how radon gets into a home and how to measure the radon level in your home.
  • Next link will take you to another Web site Radon: Is it in Your Home?
    This short video was developed by the Canadian Lung Association as a public service announcement that covers basic radon information and encourages you to learn more.