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Water Quality

Clean water is essential to life. Our health and well-being depend on it.

In Canada, all levels of government play a role to make sure our water supplies are safe. While provincial and territorial governments are generally in charge of making sure our water supplies are safe, the federal government has a number of responsibilities in this area.

Health Canada's Role

Health Canada is involved in many activities related to water quality, including:

  • Developing national drinking water guidelines with provincial and territorial drinking water authorities
  • Providing emergency advice in cases of drinking water contamination, when requested by another government department or agency
  • Developing guidelines for water used for recreational activities, such as lakes where people swim
  • Ensuring the safety of drinking water on cruise ships, airlines, passenger ferries, trains, and other common carriers
  • Working with other departments to make sure all federal government employees have access to safe drinking water in their workplaces
  • Working with First Nations communities south of 60 degrees parallel to ensure that drinking water quality monitoring programs are in place on their lands
  • Regulating the safety and quality of bottled water, prepackaged ice, and water used in food processing
  • Working in collaboration with partners and stakeholders on broader water quality issues, including the development of water policies and research priorities

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This section includes information on a range of topics related to water quality. Some of these are written for a general audience while others are very technical or scientific in nature.

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Water quality documents for public comment are available under the consultations section of Environmental and Workplace Health.


Health Canada encourages Canadians to keep up-to-date on new health developments. This section is updated as new information becomes available, so check back regularly.