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Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit

The Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit is designed to help those who teach groups of children and adults about healthy eating and physical activity, and encourage individuals to take action to maintain and improve their health.

This Toolkit is a joint collaboration between Health Canada and the Next link will take you to another Web site Public Health Agency of Canada.

The Eat Well and Be Active Every Day poster is an educational poster to promote eating well and being physically active to both children and adults. The poster features 24 healthy eating and physical activity images.

The activity plans are designed to help use the poster as an educational tool. Each activity plan has a set of learning objectives and specific activities (for children and adults) to achieve those learning objectives.

  1. Benefits of Eating Well and Being Physically Active
  2. Make Each Serving and All Physical Activity Count
  3. Setting SMART Goals
  4. Nutrition Facts Table
  5. Creating Supportive Environments for Physical Activity

54 healthy eating and physical activity images that complement the poster.

Eat Well and Be Active Presentations

Executive Summary of User Survey Results

A total of 364 stakeholders from across Canada completed an online user survey approximately one year after the launch of the Toolkit. Results have been compiled into an executive summary.