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Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit

Eat Well and Be Active Educational Toolkit:

Activity Plans

The activity plans are designed to help use the poster as an educational tool.

Activity Plan #1: Benefits of Eating Well and Being Physically Active

  • Provides a forum to discuss the benefits of eating well and being physically active every day.
  • Introduces Canada's Food Guide and the Physical Activity Guidelines.
  • Teacher Supplement for Activity Plan #1

Activity Plan #2: Make Each Serving and All Physical Activity Count

  • Introduces what a Food Guide Serving is, the recommended number of Food Guide Servings per day, and how to make wise Food Guide Serving choices.
  • Introduces recommendations for types, amounts, intensity and frequency of physical activity required to promote good health.
  • Teacher Supplement for Activity Plan #2

Activity Plan #3: Setting SMART Goals

Activity Plan #4: Nutrition Facts table

  • Introduces the Nutrition Facts table.
  • Focuses on using the % Daily Value (% DV) to learn how to choose and compare food products to make healthier choices.
  • Teacher Supplement for Activity Plan #4

Activity Plan #5: Creating Supportive Environments for Physical Activity

  • Introduces the concepts of the built environment and active transportation and how they can support physical activity.
  • Encourages participants to think of ways to be active in their neighbourhood (such as through active transportation, play, recreation, etc.).
  • Introduces the concept of community assessment and provides an assessment tool.
  • Explains basic safety rules for active transportation.
  • Teacher Supplement for Activity Plan #5