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Lists of acceptable polymers for use in food packaging applications

Electronic copies of these tables are available upon request. Please select the appropriate link in the table below to send your request by e-mail. For all other questions about these tables, please contact the Food Directorate's Bureau of Chemical Safety.

Polymer Categories
Table No. Polymer Type Code
1 polyethylenes PE
2 polypropylenes PP
3 poly(ethylene- vinyl acetates) EVA
4 polystyrenes PS
5 polyvinyl chlorides PVC
6 ionomers I
7 polyethylene terephthalates PET
8 polyvinyl acetates PVAc
9 polycarbonates PC
10 polyamides PA
11 polyvinyl alcohols PVOH
12 polyvinylidene chlorides PVDC
13 Others O