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Canadian Community Health Survey

The Next link will take you to another Web site Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) initiative began in 2000 with its main goals being the provision of population-level information on health determinants, health status and health system utilization. This series of surveys is a joint effort of Health Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, Statistics Canada, and the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI).

The CCHS comprises two types of surveys:

  • An annual component on general health
    • This component of the survey provides reliable estimates at the national, provincial, and provincial health region level.
    • Originally designated by "x.1", these cycles of the CCHS have been designated as the "annual component" of the CCHS since 2007 (e.g. Canadian Community Health Survey Annual Component, 2008 or CCHS 2008).
    • In the past, this data was collected from 130,000 respondents over a 12-month period. Since 2007, data collection takes place on an ongoing basis. The sample, which retains the same size, is divided into 12 two-month collection periods.
    • Previously, data were released every two years. As of 2008, CCHS data is released annually (65,000 respondents) (e.g. CCHS 2007). Every two years, a file combining the two years' sample (130,000 respondents) is also released (e.g. CCHS 2007-2008).
  • A focused survey on specific health topics
    • Focused surveys are designed to provide reliable estimates at the national and provincial levels.
    • Data is collected from approximately 35,000 respondents over a twelve month period once every 3 years.
    • Focused surveys that took place prior to 2007 are designated by "x.2" (e.g "Canadian Community Health Survey - Cycle 2.2, Nutrition" or "CCHS 2.2").
    • Focused surveys that took place in 2007, or later, are designated by the name of the survey followed by the topic covered by each survey (e.g., "Canadian Community Health Survey on Healthy Aging" or "CCHS Healthy Aging").

Food and Nutrition Related Data:

Food and nutrition-related modules, including food insecurity, fruit and vegetable consumption, and self-reported height and weight, have been included in the content of the CCHS.

In 2004, nutrition was the topic of the specific health focus on the CCHS - the CCHS - Cycle 2.2, Nutrition.  This survey provides information, at the nationalFootnote * and provincial levels, on food intake, food groups, vitamin and mineral supplements, nutrients, eating patterns, physical activity, Body Mass Index, and household food insecurity.

Using information from the CCHS annual component and the CCHS 2.2, Nutrition, a number of resources that report on the nutritional health and wellbeing of Canadians have been developed.  To optimize the usage of any CCHS 2.2 reports, they should be read in concert with the report, Canadian Community Health Survey, Cycle 2.2, Nutrition (2004) - A Guide to Accessing and Interpreting the Data, published by Health Canada in 2006.

Food and Nutrient Intake [-]

Food Insecurity [-]

Overweight and Obesity [-]

Breastfeeding Practices [-]


Footnote 1

Please Note: The CCHS 2.2 does not include data from the Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory or Nunavut. However, the target population covered by the survey represents approximately 98% of the population of the 10 provinces and is thus considered a national survey.

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