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Tobacco Act

The Next link will take you to another Web site Tobacco Act, passed in 1997, aims to protect the health of Canadians in light of conclusive evidence implicating tobacco use in the incidence of numerous debilitating and fatal diseases; to protect young persons and others from inducements to use tobacco products and the consequent dependence on them; to protect the health of young persons by restricting access to tobacco products; and to enhance public awareness of the health hazards of using tobacco products. Key regulations of the Act include:

  • tobacco products must be manufactured in conformity with product standards
  • manufacturers of a tobacco product must provide information about the product and its emissions
  • tobacco products may not be furnished to a young person in a public place or in a place to which the public reasonably has access
  • retailers must post signs that inform the public that the sale or giving of a tobacco product to a young person is prohibited by law, or that contain a prescribed health message
  • retailers may not sell a tobacco product by means of a display that permits a person to handle the tobacco product before paying for it
  • manufacturers or retailers may not sell a tobacco product unless the package containing it displays information about the product and its emissions, and about the health hazards and health effects arising from the use of the product or from its emissions
  • tobacco products or tobacco product-related brand elements may not be promoted, except as authorized by this Act or the regulations
  • inspectors may enter any place in which they believe a tobacco product is manufactured, tested, stored, packaged, labelled or sold.