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Description - Figure 1: Format specifications: Product Facts table

The format specifications, product facts table, is a unilingual sample of a product facts table that shows formatting specifications.

There are 2 panels, one with the title product facts and one with the title product facts, continued.

The headings in the table are, in order: medicinal ingredient in each tablet, uses, warnings, directions, other information, nonmedicinal ingredients, and questions with a question mark. All headings start with a capital letter.

Under the heading warnings, there are subheadings: allergy alert, do not use, ask a doctor before use if you, ask a healthcare practitioner before use if you, when using this product, stop use and ask a doctor if, if pregnant or breastfeeding, and keep out of the reach of children. All subheadings start with a capital letter.

Headings are separated from each other by a horizontal heavy line, and subheadings in the warnings section are separated by horizontal hairlines.

There is mock text after each heading and subheading, in short sentences or bullet points, except in the directions section which is presented in the form of an embedded table.

Specifications for font type and size, line weights and text alignment are shown, with a dotted line pointing out each design element in the table.