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Sales Weighted Average Calculator (SWA)

This SWA calculator will help food companies calculate the SWA of their products for a given category and compare it to the staged sodium reduction phases and to the 2016 SWA Benchmark Level.

  1. Select a food category from the drop down menu.
  2. Enter food products belonging to this food category only. All products entered must have the same Guiding Benchmark Level. See Canada's Guiding Benchmark Sodium Reduction Levels for Processed Foods for a description of each food category.
  3. Enter the UPC code and Product Name of a product belonging to the food category.
  4. Enter product details:
    1. amount of sodium in milligrams per 100 g of the food product
    2. the volume of sales in kilograms (not in dollars) covering a period of 52 weeks for the category
  5. To add other products within the same category, select the 'add product' button.
  6. To remove a product already entered, check the box next to the product you wish to remove and select 'remove'.
  7. Once you have entered all the products within the selected food category, select 'Calculate SWA'. Ensure you have entered all products within this category or else the SWA will be incorrect.
  8. You have the option to print and/or save the results for your records.

Please note that the information entered in this calculator cannot be viewed by Health Canada.

SWA Calculator

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